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24HourCompost's innovative technology allows for an automated and odorless composting process. Our exclusive microbes along with heat, transforms ordinary food waste into nutrient-rich soil.  Our solutions are energy-efficient and a "hands-off" automated process. 

Rapid breakdown of organic materials is our speciality!

Our machine's one-touch control is fully automatic, sensing composting status and providing feedback and controls the operation without pre-setting a timer. 

24HourCompost IN ACTION

Our clients all have one thing in common: they've been able to implement significant reduction in waste management costs and greatly reduce their carbon footprint by adopting 24HourCompost systems on-site composting practices! Wide range of industries can benefit from a change in their food waste solutions.

Our goal is to help your business in the effort to reach zero waste. Compostology continues to improve and advance our technologies in order to make your business successful. 




Composting chamber has internal rotating arms for mechanical agitation, and an oil jacket for insulation 

The air that is coming out is steam generated from heating and evaporation


Our unique composting technology uses a UV deodorizer to eliminate any odor and excess moisture through its exhaust system   

Theres no effluent.



The internal temperature of the tank is raised to 158°F for one hour to eliminate all harmful bacteria


No seperate shredding is required. 24HourCompost is an all-in-one solution equipped with an in-built high strength, corrossion resistant 4140 alloy shredder capable of shredding the toughest of waste particles. The operator simply has to feed the waste into the waste inlet and the waste is automatically shredded before entering the conversion chamber below

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Microbes Technology  
Micro110 has multiple carriers such as lignite, rock phosphate, tobacco leaves, calcium carbonate, wheat bran, etc. which carry a variety of desired species of bacteria and fungi. Micro110 also contains actinomycetes and enzymes. 24HourCompost's high count of microbes (in the range of 10 billion cells per gram of culture) enhances the composting process and degrades all types of complex organic wastes. Carriers, such as calcium carbonate, control and balance the acidic condition and help to propagate micro-organisms creating heat and reducing excess moisture.