Compost Collection Services 

24HourCompost offers one-month FREE compost pick up services for customers that purchase one of our commercial composting systems


Close the gap in the food cycle

Your food waste will help build nutrient rich soil to enhance the sustainability of the local food cycle


Pest and stink free

Our anaerobic system prevents pests and pesky smells

*Fermented food has a mild, sweet odor


Support local

We partner with local community gardens and urban farms to provide nutrient rich soil builder to their garden beds


Reduce landfill waste

Food in landfills produce methane and other greenhouse gasses


We want to work with your small business to divert food waste from landfills and support local community and urban gardens.


We’ll evaluate your food waste output and your dining/eating facilities to develop a plan that will fit the needs of your organization. Please email us and someone will be in touch soon. 


We love working with local restaurants to turn their food waste back into soil that will support the local food system.  If you would like all or part of your food waste diverted from landfills and supporting the local food system, we can help with the logistics, provide collection containers, and schedule a pickup that works for your restaurant.


To get started, please give us a call or email and one of our consultants will get back to you.

Bi-Weekly Compost Pick up Service

We charge a minimal fee to manage your compost disposal. Please contact us by phone or email to know more about this service.  

North America Sales, Service & Distribution Office

Contact:  318-787-7442


Address:  747 Ft Graham Rd, Waco. Texas, 76705

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